1. Blue Light Glasses // Gets one migrate, has to purchase trendy blue light glasses. I’m actually blind, so I do wear contacts/glasses, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to invest in something to protect my eyes.
  2. Cheetah Scarf // This trend is everywhere and I’m such a fan. I’m such a cheetah lover, so it was clear this would be the first one I purchase. I’m super impressed with the quality and it’s a great length.
  3. Statement Earrings // These are so freaking cute! And you can not beat the price. Highly recommend these and they look just like the pricey bauble bar set.
  4. Straw Bag // Again, so so trendy – so why not get it for a steal?! It brought it on vacation and wore it 24/7. It’s a great summer bag for a day at the pool or to complete your brunch look.
  5. Neutrogena Make-up Remover Wipes // Really, what other brand is out there? I feel like these dominate the market. I trust the quality of neutrogena and am always stocked up on these!
  6. Palmer’s Coconut Oil // Y’all – if I haven’t convinced you to buy this yet, maybe this post will. This stuff is so amazing to use to treat your skin all year round! After a cleansing shower rub this all over and put on your coziest robe. Your skin will thank you.
  7. Boho Top // A total Free People dupe! You can tell the quality isn’t as up to par (expected) but it’s super cute and has the same style!
  8. LBD // The perfect work dress! It also comes in long sleeves. I love it for a busy day in the office with black heels or cheetah flats.
  9. What I like to call, my COCO Chanel Dress // Yet another dress perfect to strut in the office.

I like to be careful with buying clothes on Amazon since it’s so popular right now. I don’t want to be strutting around in my cheetah scarf + LBD and have a coworker or friend wearing the exact same thing! But when I find something great, I will give in. I’m super happy with these 9 products and recommend all of them!

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