shop these products here!
  1. Travel Containers // the silicon material is dabomb.com and way easier to get product out than the others I’ve used in the past. It also comes with labels and a bag too!
  2. Zip Bags // You can never have too many bags! I bought these bags to organize all of our tech and random house hold items. The variety pack has a variety of sizes and they are perfect for keeping all of your random necessities organized. No more #junkdrawer
  3. Tech organizer // Taking this to a whole other level! USB’s (I feel like this is kind of old school now), all the headphones, charges, portable charges…the list goes on! This baby fits them all and keeps them organized. Also just as easy to use the zip bags above, but this bag was good enough to keep!
  4. Laptop case // I always look on Amazon for laptop cases and covers! This one was recommended by a friend and is super cute + nice quality.
  5. Phone Case + Pop Socket // The dynamic duo. Beyond obsessed with this classic pattern and love the simple sassy combo.
  6. Over Door Basket // Is this taking it too far? Haha I know it’s boring, but this was a game changer. Under the kitchen sink can get crowded and this helps keep the every day kitchen items easy to find. You’re going to get this one, aren’t you? 😉
  7. Spice Rack // Holds all of our yummy spices! I love this because it’s clear/simple and it also spins! It’s so much easier to see all of our goodies and also frees up more room in the pantry instead of having them all lined up.
  8. Candle // You know that smell that hits you when you walk into Anthropologie? Here you go friends. I’ve been obsessed with this scent and brand for years! Instead of being tempted in the store, buying it on Amazon helps save me from splurging on all the adorable things that they have.
  9. Books // I’ve gotten books for fun, business books, self help books, and coffee table books! It’s also a quick (but thoughtful) gift idea for a friend or family member! Get them a coffee table book that relates to them (Audrey Hepburn, Women Empowering Women, anything Lauren Conrad, or the ones I have above!) I bought my boo the Blue Planet II coffee table book as a stocking stuffer last year!
  10. Water Bottle // Drink up, y’all! I love that this keeps my water cold all day and is big enough that I’m not having to refill it too often.

Okay, I know this post is a little out of the norm, but majority of us are all about amazon and it’s interesting to see what people find! This post is for someone who is looking for something they didn’t know they need, or that girl who doesn’t get the Amazon hype yet and is curious what people order (I’m looking at you, bff). I love sharing organizational tips or the newest “adult” gadgets I come across on my Instagram and thought it was about time I add it to the blog too.

Get ready for Top 10 Amazon Fashion finds coming soon!

Leave a comment with some of your fave Amazon lifestyle purchases or let me know if I’ve tempted you with any of mine!

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