Happy Sunday babes! I don’t know about you, but when I think of summertime, I think of Lilly Pulitzer.  Since it has finally started to feel like summer break thanks to the pool and sunshine I thought I would share my latest Lilly dress with you!  I got this dress in Hilton Head at the Lilly Pulitzer S.M. Bradford Co. which is one of my favorite places to shop on the beautiful island! My favorite thing about Lilly dresses, other than the bright colors, is the sassy details! This dress features the classic tie in the back, and has a cutout on the front as well.  I am loving the new styles that are coming out recently. (Espically the cutout at the waist with lace…bravo.) IMG_0334 IMG_0341 IMG_0310 IMG_0325 IMG_0318 IMG_0294 IMG_0296

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Stay bright & happy. Xo, Catie Beth Instagram: xocatiebeth Tumblr: xocatiebeth Twitter: xocatiebeth Facebook: Xocatiebeth Business Inquires:

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  1. rebekahrrn says:

    love it!!! ❤ I want to buy a Lilly dress so bad! I just need money hahahaha

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  2. demiannee says:

    Where did you get the shades from?!


    1. xocatiebeth says:

      They are Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold 🙂

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  3. Jordan says:

    Love the dress!


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  4. This dress it adorable and to die for! It’s perfect for summer since it is so bright, love the post!

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