cheap sunnies // y’all already know I’ve raved about these $5 finds! They are so fun for summer and add the perfect amount of “sassy” to your beach or vacation look.

one shoulder bathing suit // the color, the material, the style – v impressed Old Navy! This gorgeous suit looks expensive, but is less than $30.

white statement earrings // Target has some of the cutest statement earrings at prices less than $15. I love trendy earrings and love taking advantage of stocking up on them at a low price. I’ve been leaning toward my white statement earrings lately and love the clean look.

bodysuits // these are perfect for summer because you can easily style them with fun shorts, jeans for a night out, or a maxi skirt! I’ve found cute bodysuits at ASOS and Forever 21.

fabletics // Loving these gorgeous work out sets! Super great material and somehow help get me motivated to get my workouts done. I’ll take it!

CC Cream Foundation // I’ve raved over this stuff before and I’m still just as obsessed. It’s one of my favorites for spring/summer too because it has SPF 50 in it!

Eye Masks // my new fave way to “treat yo self” and unwind. I don’t have a favorite brand/type yet. They are always in my travel bags!

Nude lips // Okay let me explain this one- with my new make up set up (I’ll share more on this later) I have a section for lipsticks. I never have an excuse to forget and have foundation lips *cute* ever again. Let’s face it- adding lipstick completes your look and I can be slack some days and forget to add it. Now I have my favorite nudes on display so no matter what my outfit is, I’m good to go. I also keep lipsticks in my car and apply before I get into the office for back up! πŸ™‚

bruschetta // my new go to entertainment/app at home! Super easy to make, and it’s also super fresh and (somewhat) healthy.

  • slice ciabatta bread or french bread
  • cut fresh tomatoes and mix with balsamic vinegar, garlic, sea salt, pepper and let sit
  • put shredded parmesan cheese on the bread and top with mixture
  • put on broil for 5 mins (bc I’m always too hungry to wait and let the oven preheat)

It’s also super good with mozzarella + basil!

stassi’s book // the perfect beach read. Vanderpump Rules is one of my guilty pleasures, so I couldn’t say no to this fun read. I learned all about serial killers and behind the scenes moments of reality TV. #diverse

dark chocolate almonds // my sweet tooth is REAL. Stocking up on dark chocolate almonds helps cure my crave and is a healthier alternative than reaching for the frozen Reece’s (and are just as good!) Sure it’s not super healthy, but gotta start somewhere!

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