where i wore it: brunch + exploring downtown to exploring caves…I chose brunch and the boyfriend chose caves. balance, baby!

When I think of yellow I think of Coldplay, not “this color is going to look great on me” – but I can’t resist a babydoll style dress! I had to grab this *inexpensive* number from Forever 21 and pair it with fun accessories for a day of exploring!

highlight pieces: you need a pair of white statement earrings in your collection! I’m not typically a hat girl, but ended up loving to wear them on this vacation. Perfect for sun protection and to enhance your #ootd.

where i wore it: resort day + beach

90% of my vacation I wore a bathing suit all day! This suit is perfect because it looks like a body suit which makes it easy to grab food and make it into places that restrict bathing suits. Call me a rebel!

I brought a pair of super comfortable chambray drawstring shorts which I eventually swapped these Levi’s for. We ended up going mountain biking (after drinking pina colada’s – compromise y’all! haha) and was so much more comfortable. Not going to lie, I hate wearing jean shorts as a cover up. It’s just too much work to get them back on after sunscreen and sweating all day! These shorts are a great alternative, just not as cute. Pick your poison!

highlight piece: my diva shades! These are the cheapest sunglasses I own and wore them 24/7 on this trip! I thought they would be fun to whip out on vacation and ended up becoming obsessed. I also bought a red pair to wear on the 4th!

where i wore it: spa morning, resort day, beach cover up.

Fell in love with this summer sweater set! Sizing is a bit weird (top is long and bottoms are super tiny), but I love the option of this comfortable and clean set to throw on after a long beach day.

highlight piece: still obsessed with this set, so it’s a must. Did I mention both pieces are $20? Yeah, you’re welcome. Also loved these sandals I grabbed from Old Navy. I ended up wearing these all the time too!

where i wore them: wedding, dinner, and beach.

One thing I regret is not bringing more maxi dresses. They are just the perfect piece to pack on vacation.

highlight pieces: going off my rant above, the maxi dresses!


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