Let’s start with a little back story.

I was born and raised in South Carolina. I also went to college in South Carolina. But if you know me, you know I love to travel and have never been set on living in the beautiful state I grew up in. I ended up moving to Texas a little over a year after graduating. My brother and boyfriend were both already living in Texas, so it was an easier transition for me.

Moving is stressful and expensive, but it’s also exciting, challenging, adventurous, and pushes you. Okay, it’s not like I moved to another continent, but it’s still a big deal to leave everything and move somewhere where you only know one person. I was lucky enough to be moving in with my boyfriend, so I didn’t experience the apartment search or the classic ’25 target runs for soap and paper towels’, and all the fun that goes into that. My family helped me pack up a pod and my boyfriend flew to SC, we packed up my car, and drove 17 hours to start a new chapter in Texas.

I’ve been in Texas for about a year and a half now and have loved it! I have a few tips and tricks regarding doctors, making friends, and how to help get settled.


when you’re trying to find your new home sweet home look into things like…

the walkability factor – can you walk to a grocery store, CVS, smoothie bar, seophra?…haha. If you’re moving to a big city like I did, more popular areas will give you the ability to walk to different stores and restaurants. You can use this site to check out areas you’re looking into. Also look into the average age at the complex so you don’t end up in an old folks home or frat party if that’s not your cup of tea.

apartment reviews – read ’em. We were looking into moving into a town home. We toured it, loved it, and were considering it. I ended up reading a few reviews about it and so many residents talked about their car getting broken into. One guy said they also took his tires? Crazy stuff can happen anywhere, but at least you can get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

the actual move…

Uhauls/pods – learn from me! Make sure you’re apartment complex has somewhere where you can leave a pod overnight. Living in a big city, it’s not like we had a large parking lot or space to use. We ended up having to rent a uhaul to load all of the things from the pod and then drive that to the apartment. But hey, what’s moving without a little drama?

once you’re settled…

finding your doctors/dentist – I got recommendations from my work gals and also used Zocdoc. The website lets you filter by insurance provider, location, and you can book your appointment through the website. It’s basically a Yelp for doctors.

social hour – Houston is the fourth largest city in the US. So I thought I should be ‘bold’ and ‘2019’ and downloaded the bumblebff app. I went on a “date” to an Astros baseball game and have been attached at the hip with my bff since! I would have never had the guts to use an app to meet friends, I mean we can all agree it’s a little weird. But the thing is, everyone else on the app thinks so too. So suck it up, download it, and hopefully you’ll get as lucky as I did. People also use the app for finding roommates too. I have met other good friends out at bars, through other friends, and Instagram. People meet their husbands on apps now, so who says you can’t meet your bff? Big cities also have Facebook groups you can join too! I haven’t used them to meet anyone, but I’m still in a couple. The girls meet up once a month and hang out, help each other take photos, and I would assume watch the bachelor together. Also going to yoga events, if that’s your thing, is a great way to meet your new work out buddy.

be in the loop – Houston always have different events and things going on. Find websites and blogs that share what’s happening in your new city! We have gone to art shows, food festivals, museums for free (and with rose), and markets.


Luckily I was so ready to move and excited live in a big city. I think a big thing that made it such an easy transition for me was having a positive attitude about it. Hopefully if you’re moving, it’s by choice too- but just get psyched! You’re going to meet more best friends, experience different foods/norms, and get some fun experiences!

If I didn’t live in Texas I would have never have gone to a rodeo, known how serious breakfast tacos & kolaches are, and known there was more to Texas than just a desert with tumbleweed and a bunch of people with cowboy hats on. Which is actually what I was expecting my first visit haha.

So moral of the story is, prep yourself to kick some ass & take over your new city. Also make it a *must* to FaceTime your family and best friends at least once a month. Can’t forget that!

I’m sure I have more to share, but I hope this helped you and got you ready to take on your next chapter! I also could write a wholeee post on the job search (HR probz), so let me know if y’all would like to see that.

Until next time!

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