bonjour, bonjour, oh my god.

By now y’all know Paris is my fave. It was the number one place on my bucket list and I was more than happy to check it off. I can’t wait to go back when it’s warm and I’m not freezing my ass off. But for now, I’ll reflect on some of the best mems.

Finding food in a market & eating with a view of the Eiffel Tower, spending hours in the Louvre and seeing Mona Lisa, seeing the Eiffel Tower sparking (from a train, but it happened), and falling in love with literally every street.

Travel tip: Pack hand/feet warmers. This would have been such a lifesaver! It was freezing over NYE and I did not layer enough.


feelin’ lucky

My fave thing about Ireland is the boys. Aka boy. Aka my boyfriend! For those who don’t know, my man was born & raised in this beautiful country. So naturally it has a special place in my heart. I go every other year for the holidays and obsess over the accents and scenery. You’ll be driving down the roads (small and windy might I add) and just see a beautiful castle. Like, what? It’s unreal.

Travel tip: I think I should just do a full blog post on this one haha. Let know what y’all think?


meet me in chic-ago

Biggest perk of being long distance? Meeting up in cool places for a long weekend. When my man and I were long distance after college and had to buy a flight to see each other, we decided to make the most of it and planned a long weekend in Chicago. It easily became one of my fave places in the US. It is so gorgeous and such a fun place to explore! If the winters weren’t so crazy, I would move there yesterday. Until then, I’ll keep searching google flights for a cheap ticket.

Travel tip: Eat nandos, go to museums, take a sunset sailboat ride, go to the tourist trap Navy Pier bc it’s beautiful, and just walk around the city! We found so many events and things going on.


I’ve spent countless number of birthdays in this city. My Mom and I started going pretty much every year since I was 16. I’m blessed enough to make a trip at least once a year and I find myself craving a visit back. My oldest brother currently lives in Manhattan so it makes me love this place even more. NYC will always have a place in my heart.

Travel tip: Eat, drink shop repeat. NYC takes so much energy out me, so my tip is to get some rest, go hard, then go home. The fashion in NYC is also so different- so when I go, I love to try out different looks that might not fly where I live.



Literally- so stinking beautiful. My favorite thing about Canada were the views.

Travel tip: Eat at the Cactus Club twice, go for a bike ride around the city, eat oysters, go to Granville island, eat more oysters.


when will you realize, vienna waits for you

I mentioned earlier that I go to Ireland every other year. We started a tradition where we take a bonus trip and this past year that was Vienna! The best part about traveling to these already magical places, is doing it over the holidays! The lights, the christmas markets, everything is just so beautiful.

Travel tip: Research the culture (I LOVED it and will go back, but actually thought people came across rude here), get the classic viennese breakfast, go to the opera for a tour, and walk around the streets! One of my favorite nights we ended up just walking around and exploring. It’s so beautiful and they have so many cute stores.


londons calling

Another place I got to check off the bucket list! In college when my boyfriend went home for the summer. One year, I went for a visit to celebrate his birthday. We decided to take a quick trip to London! From seeing Big Ben and the London eye to seeing an Audrey Hepburn exhibit that happened to be going on the day we arrived, this trip is super special because this was our first big adventure together!

Travel tip: Spend more time there than I did! I will definitely be heading back there. Either way, it won’t disappoint.


this ain’t my first rodeo

Texas has been such a fun place to live in my 20s! Although you may sweat your ass off, it’s worth it. Outdoor drinking, twinkle lights everywhere, rodeos, tacos, country music, big city living in Texas is pretty rad. I’ve been to Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas and love them all!

Travel tip: wear light weight clothes, be prepared to eat kolachies and breakfast tacos, drink margaritas, go to the rodeo, go to sporting events, travel around of all of the cool cities Texas has to offer!


mama said home is where the heart is

I’m a sweet Carolina girl! I loved growing up going to HHI on the weekends, going to NC, Charleston, visiting my grandparents in FL and WV. I don’t really missing living there (excluding Grouchos), but I really miss my fam!

Now that I’m not living in my hometown, I thought this should be added to the list. πŸ™‚

This list doesn’t include all of my favorite places, somehow I’m lucky enough to have gone to a lot, but I just wanted to share a recap and inspire you to travel to a new place!

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