Another year, another round of monthly favorites! In case you’re new, each month I round up my favorite fashion, beauty, songs, food, etc. and share them with y’all. As a shopaholic, I’m always trying out new brands and hunting down deals. Let’s see what I’m loving in 2019 so far…

Naturally, the Louis had to make the cut. HBD to me!
I think we can all agree that this is the cutest work out set ever. And I got to work with Fabletics on this- how freaking cool! I love this brand & I love Kate Hudson so this was a win-win. I have also been really into high waisted legging + sports bras for hitting the gym!
If y’all watch my instagram stories, you probably already know what’s coming. I love all statement earrings, but this month I have been obsessing over these Sugarfix x Baublebar studs! They are perfect for work and not heavy/uncomfortable. Sometimes beauty is pain, but sometimes you get lucky haha.

Powder: If you are looking for full coverage that lasts all work day, look no further. I’m officially obsessed! I know I’ve mentioned this product before, but I am still LOVING it!

Primer: I have raved about this primer before as well, but it’s been fabulous!

Lips: In your beauty bag, having an everyday lip stick is a must. To not only avoid foundation lips (it happens), but also to complete your look having an every day lip product in your beauty routine will be a game changer. I have a new beauty set up with 10 lip options *casual* but have been gravitating towards this Neutrogena lip. It’s moisturizing, light, and neutral!

Body Scrub: I’ve been using fake tanner recently, so body scrubs are a must! This one by soap and glory smells amazing and get’s the job done.

SHOWS // Brooklyn Nine-Nine: My honey boo boo and I have been addicted to this show recently! It’s so hilarious and the episodes are short which makes it easy. After watching two hours of the bachelor every night, I don’t want to devote my life to that much TV time. I love Andy Samburg so was down to watch, and have ended up loving it! Right now Gina is my favorite, she kills me.

MUSIC // Dan & Shay: That type of music that I play the same three songs on repeat for two months straight. Check out Alone Together, Tequila, Speechless, All to Myself…okay just listen to all of them.

FOOD // Protein PB balls: I shared this on my attempt at writing a “fitness” blog post, but if you missed it do yourself a favor and click this link and make these delish things.

COFFEE // Budget cuts! No more Starbucks runs for the month of February for me. I have been buying iced coffee from the grocery store and making my own combo at home. I bought a cold brew coffee maker a while back, but I’m always to scared it’s going to turn out horrible haha. That will be my next task to master.

Tone It Up App // Even shopping online at Target, I still end up with random things in my cart. After doing some research, I learned that for my body type I need to focus more on resistance training. I came across resistance bands on sale and got them. I ended up learning that the brand was created by these two fitness gurus and learning more about their story. A few days later one of my new favorite bloggers to follow, @prettyinthepines (kills it in all things home ware, cozy clothes, and cute pups- she’s a fave too) mentioned the Tone It Up App. I downloaded it and started the free trial and have become addicted. I’ve been consistent with it the whole month and look forward to my work outs each day.

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