Let me start off by saying, my favorite food is cheese fries. I’m not a fitness guru or even close, BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t put in an effort into working out and eating healthy. I rounded up my favorite places to buy work out clothes, what type of routines I stick to, and my favorite health(ier) snacks.


The favorite places to shop for work out clothes are T.J. Maxx, lululemon, & Fabletics. Clearly a little bit of everything!

Anytime I run into T.J. Maxx I always check out their work out section. I’ve gotten name brand items for a steal there. I only have a few items from lululemon, but if you have ever tried on anything by this brand you understand the hype. If you’re not willing to pay full price, some outlets have a shop. They also have a sale section in the store, so it makes it easier to find something within your budget. It’s definitely expensive, but SOOO amazing. I’ve gotten a few leggings from Fabletics and this outfit I’m wearing above! The material is amazing (thick and nice quality) and the pieces are fun & trendy. I’m also such a huge Kate Hudson fan, so I’m happy to support her.


If you’ve watched my Instagram stories, you probably have heard me talk about doing workout videos on YouTube! Sometimes I go to yoga classes/events, but on a day to day I typically am doing a work out video from Youtube or hitting the gym to do the elliptical. My favorite videos are by Rebecca Louise. She also has an app, BURN, that gives you a work out for each day of the week plus meal ideas. It’s only $3 a month so it’s definitely reasonable. Although you could just look up videos online, I like using the app because it feels like more of a schedule.


I’m not a total health nut, but I have found some healthier snacks over the past few months!

PB Energy Balls – healthy with a bit of chocolate. My kind of snack! It’s so easy to make and so good!

Trail Mix – not so innovative I know, but I started swapping out my unhealthy snacks with trail mix. I’m a huge snacker, so adding this option into my mix at least makes me feel like I’m making an effort! haha

Yogurt – I’ve talked about this combo before, but it’s too good not to share again! Greek yogurt, coconut flakes (unsweetened), honey, chia seeds, dark chocolate chips, and fruit! Basically like a dessert, but better for you than Cookie Crisps.

Well that rounds up some of my favorite fitness related things! Leave a comment with your favorites.

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