Hey babes! This blog post is a little different since most of the main pieces I picked up in Ireland. BUT- I couldn’t skip out on sharing! Also, this gorgeous location behind me is actually where my boyfriend went to secondary school (translation: middle school & high school). How gorgeous right? It’s also where the actor who played Voldemort in Harry Potter went for a few years! Now I haven’t verified so he could have just said this to help win me over 😉

SWEATER // similar linked here

This oversized sweater is from Penny’s which is basically like a Forever 21 over there! It’s so cute and a classic style and color. I found a similar style and linked it above.

EARRINGS // similar linked here

These statement earrings are from one of my favorite stores in Kilkenny! Y’all might remember me talking about this boutique before, but Folkster and has the CUTEST clothes and jewelry. If you ever find yourself in Kikenny…go there!

BAG //

If you’re familiar with the never full LV bag, (even the guy at Honda helping change my oil was like: I like your bag, is that the never full? I just bought it for my finance haha), then you might recognize this little clutch! It comes with the bag and is the perfect size for a little clutch.


Y’all know these are my new favorites! These are from Steve Madden and are the perfect black booties.

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