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Thanks to ASOS and Primark, I found two wild + fun statement coats!  We all know cheetah is all over the place this fashion season and when can you go wrong with pink?

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I discovered the Sophie Harper brand from Rocksbox and love the pieces.  I couldn’t part with these gorgeous dainty gold front facing hoops.

I have also been gravitating towards my big thin gold hoops.  When we were traveling over the holidays I brought so many statement earrings and fun pieces, but ended up wearing my big gold hoops everyday haha!  If you don’t have a pair, please get one…or two.  I got mine from HandPicked- I use to work there in high school. 🙂

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Obviously I’m a shopaholic, but I couldn’t part with my Steve Madden black booties, which were at the point where I probs couldn’t donate them when I finally tossed them (okay, I still have them…but I figured I could wear them on nights out haha).  BUT – I treated myself to another pair with a little extra sass than last time.  I’m a sucker for Steve Madden shoes and they are always comfortable!

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Too Faced Powder – 100% repurchasing this!  It’s the only foundation that my skin has been loving recently.  It keeps it matte all day long.  It’s a little more heavy coverage when you first put it on, but settles nicely.

Soap & Glory Body Wash – If you’re looking for affordable body wash and scrubs, look no further.  They smell so girly and fresh and help keep my skin happy + moisturized.

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Blacklist // Since my boyfriend won’t watch Vanderpump Rules or Southern Charm with me, we had to find a show to watch together.  Introducing Blacklist!  It’s SO good!  We are both addicted.  If you’re into FBI/action add it to your list.

Hot Honey & Hot Lemon Water // Traded in the wine for a hot honey or lemon water.   When I get cozy before bed I have been making either hot water with honey (sometimes a splash of OJ) or hot water with lemon.  It’s obviously a better habit to be into and so delish.

Seafood Dinner // We decided to start implementing seafood into our weekly dinners to mix it up!  One Saturday night we had a date night in and cooked up a whole seafood spread.  It was ahhhhmazing.  We found a recipe for a seafood boil on Pinterest and substituted a few of our faves.  We had left over mussels and used them as an appetizer the next day with white wine, butter, and lemon.  Stating a food blog now… haha kidding.

Traveling! // Obviously.  Took an adventure to Europe this winter and can’t wait to share more of my trip with y’all.  Stay tuned 🙂

Xo, Catie Beth-17

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