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ANTHROPOLOGIE EARRINGS // Obsessed with this store and these two finds!  Obvi two different ends of the spectrum, but I love the hoops for every day and the statement to spice up my work or weekend look!

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RUFFLE TOPS // Bubblegum pink + a bold top = gimme gimme!  Snagged this top during the h-u-g-e J.Crew sale!

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it Cosmetics Foundation – I bought the travel size to try it out and fell in love right away.  I already purchased the full size product.  Highly recommend trying if you’re looking for a new higher end liquid foundation!

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist – Love this face mist! It’s the first mist I’ve actually kept in my beauty routine.  It ended in in my Target shopping cart and I’m thankful it did!  This face mist helps balance, hydrate, & extend makeup wear.

NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss – Great colors, moisturizing, and doesn’t break the bank!  I love the shade creme brulee.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had music faves!  I also decided to start sharing my favorite podcasts too because if you have a long commute or like to listen to them while you cook, it’s a great way to pass time.


All On Me by Devin Dawson – The perfect addition to your chill summer playlist.

Toxic by Alex and Sierra – You’ve prob heard this, but it’s a good jam.

I Like Me Better by Lauv – Obvi on my travel playlist to NYC.

Also I got to see The Revivalists perform this month!  My older brother got me hooked with the, as I called it, “black and blue” song.  My boyf and I spontaneously bought tickets at the House of Blues (off of Seat Geek) for super cheap an hour before it started and had the best time.  They put on such a good show and sound ah-mazing!  If you haven’t heard of them, my favorites are Wish I Knew You, Keep Going, & King of What -all from the same album.


Girl Boss Podcast – Learned about the girl behind the brand Ouai (really loved this episode) and the ex Chief Talent Officer of Netflix (HR gals unite)!

Andddd still How I Built This- in case you forgot.

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NEW YORK CITY // I spent my birthday weekend in NYC with my Mama!  It’s been a tradition since my 16th that we have rarely missed. #blessed

We shopped till we got blisters, drank champagne, and ate our way through the long weekend.  I got spoiled by my entire fam and boyfriend and received cards from my BFFS.  24 has been my favorite birthday yet!

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NEW ORLEANS WEEKEND // As you know from the blog, we went to NOLA at the end of April!  I loved exploring the city and walking around the Garden District.  Gave me all the Charleston vibes making me miss home (but only just a little)!

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Bravo TV, cupcakes, hot water with lemon, and work out apps.

I’m officially a Vanderpump fan.  This show literally has me LOLing and is the best to watch after working all week.  We all need a little trash TV in our life, I’m not ashamed to admit that!

Cupcakes!!!  My sweet tooth found Sprinkles and obvi my birthday month gave me the perfect reason to indulge.

Water with lemon is the new wine before bed.  I’ve been drinking hot water with lemon pretty much every night for a few months now and it’s one of my favorite parts of my night routine.  Not only is it a healthier option than wine, but it helps get water in my system if I didn’t drink enough that day.  Shout out to the VS angel, Romee for sharing this not so secret tip.

Work out app!  Okay honestly, I downloaded this app in December and just starting using it at the beginning of March…BUT, I can now say I’m officially hooked!  It’s $4 a month and actually keeps me “looking forward” to my workout.  Y’all have probably heard me talk about one of my favorite work out YouTubers, Rebecca Louise, and I found out she had an app with daily work outs and recipes.  She kicks my butt and keep me on track.  I highly recommend!  I like the app instead of randomly picking videos because I know I’m hitting all of my muscle groups and it’s more of a commitment so I actually do it!

Please leave a comment and let me know if you are tempted to try the products I mentioned or if you like any of the songs!  As always, I’m thankful blog fam & hope y’all have an amazing May 🙂

Xo, Catie Beth-17



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