HELLO 2018


I hope your NYE was nothing less than fabulous!  This was my first year ringing in the new year in Texas.  We got a bottle of champagne and a large fries…so you could say I was living my best life.

2017 was a wild year.  It started out in Paris and ended in my new city!  I knew I would be leaving SC at some point, but I took the plunge this year and could not be more freaking happy with it.  Texas, you have a little piece of my heart.  My boyfriend and I traveled to Ireland, Chicago, and around Texas.  I got to work with some of my favorite brands (still can’t believe it!)  I made new friends & kept up with old ones, I started wearing sneakers to places other than the gym, I finally joined a wine club, and am still paying off my student loans… 🙂  It was one hell of a year.

Now, I’m sure you’re all dying over this velvet pink dress featured at the beginning of this post.  I think it’s the perfect party dress (birthday, NYE, you name it).  They call it the stunner for a reason!  You can find it at Marly Rae boutique. I fell in love with the girly detail on the back and thought it was the perfect party dress to ring in the new year.

Wishing y’all a happy & healthy 2018!

Xo, Catie Beth-16

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