Happy Sunday babes!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous fall so far.  I’m adjusting to the heat here, but keeping in mind it’s still just as hot in SC!  The struggle is real for all of the fashion gurus who want to dress for the season when the weather can’t say goodbye to summer.  I’ve been attempting to dress for fall by wearing a lightweight top, mostly strapless, with jeans!  I’m a huge fan of wearing jeans and I’m always taken aback by people who don’t wear them.  Jeans with open-toe booties and a lightweight top have been my fall uniform.

This paisley top screams fall!  Finding a color pallet that reflects the season, even if it is a tank or off the shoulder, can help give you those fall vibes.  I purchased this from TJ.Maxx.  With the top, I added a gold J.Crew necklace.

My jeans are by the brand Mott & Bow. I use to be the type of girl who strived to be 100% bargain shopper (shout out to student loans), which meant I bought my jeans from cheaper stores.  Yes, I loved them and would still recommend them, but let’s face it once you have a great pair of jeans you’re never going back.  I started branching out on different jean brands when shopping at Saks off Fifth.  Now, I’m officially a jean snob.  Mott & Bow is a new brand I recently tried and I’m very impressed.  When skinny jeans feel as comfortable as leggings, I’m sold!  Their facility is family owned which I thought was super cool as well.

These wedges are from Wolf Creek, a boutique in West Virginia, by the brand Nicole.  Again, another super comfortable style!  I love the neutral color and detail around the clasp.

There you have it!  A comfortable, fall fashion outfit.

Xo, Catie Beth-17

*Thank you to Mott & Bow for working with me!  All thoughts and opinions are my own and I’m glad to be sharing a great brand with y’all.

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