When I think about statement shoes, Lady GaGa comes to mind.  Wild, bold, and out of this world (and uncomfortable too…props to her).  But let’s face it, that style is not for everyone.  So if you’re like me and want to expand your shoe selection, you need a fun not so everyday pair!  These scalloped white heels with delicate yet bold detailing were too hard to pass on.  I styled them with a simple white dress for this photoshoot, but also think they will look fab with skinny jeans and a white top.

This strapless 100% cotton dress is by the brand Glam.  You’ve probably come across it at small boutiques!  I’m wearing a size small and it fits perfectly.  (Most boutique size smalls I need to get altered #petitegirlprobs so this was a win)

For my handbag, I grabbed the Kate Spade featured in my May Faves.  It’s perfect for a carry on (minus the fact that it doesn’t zip), work/internships, and on the go!  Today I was walking around downtown Houston and going out for brunch.  Enough room for my cannon camera and collection of Mac lipsticks…the necessities.

As for the announcement…I MOVED!  I said goodbye to my home state of South Carolina and howdy to Texas!  That pretty much explains why I have been MIA on the blog/Instagram lately.  I had to say goodbye to family and friends, leave my amazing first job out of college and beautiful colleagues, and all other familiar things.  I loaded my West Elm couch, Ikea chair, KitchenAid, and clothes into a pod (and my tiny new car) and my boyfriend and I road-tripped all the way to Houston!  I couldn’t be more excited for this adventure and can’t wait to share it with y’all.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, I hope that includes the glasses of champagne and closet sizes 😉

Xo, Catie Beth-17


  1. What an incredible look. The off the shoulder dress, that great tote, those fantastic shoes and of course your incredible smile all together is stunning. I agree about statement shoes. Your block heel are not from the ’60’s, they are right on trend.

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