Greats Sneakers – If you’re seen my Chicago blog posts, then you know all about these shoes!  I fell in love with them and had so much fun styling them this month!  Perfect for all you travel lovers like me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 5.05.11 PM

Urban Outfitters Cardigan – I have the same cardigan in two colors!  They are the perfect travel cardigan and the perfect bohemian touch to an outfit. (Similar linked here)



Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.43.33 PM

Klorane Mango Oil –  It conditions dry hair and helps protect it from the sun.  Sounds like a summer essential to me!  I’ve been spraying it on my hair after I style it and been loving it!  The mango scent smells amazing and so far my hair has benefited from it.

New Hair Cut-  Having long hair comes with problems.  I felt like my hair wasn’t holding curls so I went in for long layers.  I have been oh so pleased with the outcome!


We Danced Anyway by Deana Carter – TBT to my childhood.

Ruin by Sean Mendes –  If you like to sing in the car with your music blaring you’d prob like this song.

I have been listening to the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist that they put together!  I haven’t found too many fab songs lately so let me know what jams you are loving at the moment!



CHICAGO! – I fell in love with this city this month!

Yogurt – This month I have been making this combo all month.  I get vanilla greek yogurt and add the Bare coconut flakes, honey, and dark chocolate chips.  Best. Breakfast. Ever.  It’s addicting and delicious.

My new car-  May 1st I traded in my 99 Jeep for a big girl car!  It was a hard goodbye, but I officially have a car that I don’t have nightmares about not starting (true story)!

Xo, Catie Beth-17


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