SO obsessed!

If you’ve caught on from my Monthly Faves posts, you probably know I’ve finally gotten into my fitness groove.  (I took off a week or two around my birthday…I’m only human ;))  From skincare to snacks, I wanted to share my gym bag must haves!  My work offers fitness classes every morning, lunch, and evening.  A few of my HR ladies and I go to the morning classes a few times a week.  It’s so nice being able to get a workout in with a busy schedule!  Taking classes is my favorite way to get a workout in.  If you don’t have classes at your work, or aren’t a gym member I recommend YouTube videos!  My favorite two ladies are Rebecca Louise (who I’ve mentioned before) and Blogaities.  Let’s get into my bag goodies!

#1 // H20

Now I usually grab a water bottle from home, one day it will be this one!  Kate Spade recently released glass water bottles!  I’m in for supporting this trend

#2 // Purity Make-up Remover

If it’s an intense workout, I like to wipe down my face with make-up wipes!  I recently picked up these by Purity.  Since I’m going to work right after, I usally have my eyes done, and just need to add foundation.  Wiping down my faces before helps me feel less gross!

#3 // Cleansing Towelettes

Thank you to international flights for this trick!  With having a bf from Ireland, I’ve learned a thing or two about wanting to freshen up.  Having cleansing body towelettes on hand are a must!  I usually grab the Target brand.

#4 // Deodorant

This one is a given, but I thought I would share what I’m currently using!  I am obsessed with the smell of this Dove spray on.

#5 // Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo by Klorane is my all time favorite!  It’s perfect to add some volume to my hair after a workout.

#6 // Snacks

I’m a snack queen and recently have been grabbing my Bare snacks!  They were kind enough to send me different options.  The banana chips have to be my favorite.

#7 // Tote Bag

And the bag that holds it all!  I have been using my United Monogram tote bag.  Big enough to fit all the necessities and super cute.

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