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Can my accessory be champagne?  Just kidding 🙂  This month I treated myself with a mani/pedi for two special occasions.  One, for traveling to TX to celebrate 3 years with my boyfriend!  The second reason was for my birthday which falls at the beginning of April.  Fresh nails are the perfect accessory!  I usually don’t treat myself and do an at home mani/pedi (usually during the Bachelor), but sometimes it’s nice to treat yo self.

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I love this top I bought at Primark in Ireland, but I LOVE these denim shorts!  My sweet grandparents bought these for me when they spent a weekend in CLT with me.  They are by the brand Pistol and I am obsessed.  Cut off shorts are a must for summer!  This style is great because they are a bit longer in the back.


This month I got a new face lotion sample from Sephora!  Hopefully it will appear in my April Faves blog post. 🙂


BITE Lip Mask– Every now and then my lips need a bit extra hydration.  I’ve tried the Lush lip scrubs in the past which I liked, but I have to say this product might win.  It’s a leave-on mask that soothes and hydrates your lips.  Naturally I got the shade color Champagne.



Magazine Subscriptions – I subscribed to Vogue a few months ago and I am loving it!  Everyone loves getting mail, and it’s just a little thing to have that I can look forward to.  Let me know if you have a subscription in the comments!

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Hello Fresh – I tried out Hello Fresh this month!  These food subscription boxes are all the rage and I can see why.  It was a fun and easy(ish) way to cook meals during the week.  I would definitely recommend it.  You try out recipes that you wouldn’t have before, and it’s healthy!

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I celebrated three years with my boyfriend!  We celebrated our anniversary in Houston.  It was such a fun trip.  We went on the water boats you see in the background! (How cute!)  Side note- I attempted to pack light which meant only bringing one cross body bag aka not my best outfit!


Fresh Eyes by Jess & Gabe

You Look Good by Lady Antebellum

Star of the Show by Thomas Rhett- Because I’m still obsessed with it

*Psst- I created a “Monthly Faves” playlist on my Spotify so I can add what songs I am loving each month!  If you’re interested, my username is Catie Beth.  I’d love to follow y’all back!

Xo, Catie Beth-12




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