Aviators and puffer vests are two pieces that seem to never go out of style.  For a day spent wandering through the city markets and grabbing a bite to eat, keeping it classic and simple was the outfit of choice.

When I fist purchased this vest (and by that I mean thank you Mother) I immediately thought to pull out the navy.  On the J.Crew website, they have this vest paired with a jean jacket and dark turtleneck.  I love how adding the light jean brightened up the outfit.  I decided to do this by wearing taupe Toms wedges. Brown high boots would be a killer option too!

From the iconic Rachel Zoe to Ben Affleck celebs are still taking on this trend too.  Just like them, I accessorized with sunglasses.  These classic Aviators are from Ditto.  I lost my identical pair last year and decided I couldn’t part with them any longer!  I rented them for a month and ended up purchasing them.  (If you’re interested in a free month, use the code: xocatiebeth)

The classics stay forever so investing in trendy, yet forever pieces like both the puffer vest and aviators will keep you covered.  And to put it simply, if Rachel Zoe does it you should too.

My favorite place for vests is J.Crew, where is yours?

WestVille (2)

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  1. Liz says:

    Your hair is gorgeous!!

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  2. Your title actually made me smile. I love when bloggers use punny names. I totally agree with you that puffer vests will never go out of style. I have a light blue one that I cannot wait to pull out once it is slightly warmer (currently 15° in upstate New York).

    xo Logan

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    1. xocatiebeth says:

      That light blue vest sounds gorgeous! Stay warm in that amazing city!

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  3. I love J. Crew vests! This outfit is so perfect and will definitely become my go-to when the weather gets a little warmer!

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  4. 3C Style says:

    Beautiful pictures. Great smile! Love J. Crew too.

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