This blog post shares how I create my everyday makeup look!  I have a mix of high end and drug store products.  Most of these products have been featured in a monthly favorites blog post before, but I thought I would gather up my everyday products and show them off.

STEP ONE: Primer

I’ve never used a TooFaced product  I didn’t love. This primer is great quality and feels amazing on my skin.  I’ve only ever used the Sephora brand primer so I don’t have much to compare it to.  I love both of them!

How I apply it: My fingers!

STEP TWO: Liquid Foundation

Instead of going with one of my high end foundations during the week, I grab my L’Oreal liquid foundation.  I prefer to go with something light weight and quick to apply! That’s why I love this product. It has a matte finish and covers up spots.  I’ve repurchased this product and think it’s good to have in my collection at all times!  I recommend it if you aren’t wanting full coverage, but still want to have even skin tone and a matte finish.

How I apply it: Beauty Blender.  I have the beauty blender cleaner, but recently purchased a new applicator! I use it everyday and want to make sure it’s fresh and clean for my skin.


I can’t say I’m in love, but it is a good powder for a drug store product! I think next time I’ll go back to the Rimmel Stay Matte.  I feel like the product sits on my face and doesn’t look as natural as I like! It still is a good product and I would recommend it for beginners or those who are just starting to wear makeup.

How I apply it: Smashbox fluffy brush

STEP FOUR: Eye Primer and Eyeliner

This Lorac pro eyeshadow primer came in a gift set I purchased.  Like face primer, I hadn’t tried out many before.  It has worked wonders for me and keeps my shadow put all day! This Marc Jacobs eyeliner is an AMAZING gel formula in a dark black shade.  I got it as a “late birthday gift from Sephora”. I would definitely purchase the full size product.  It can be smudged to create a less harsh line, and looks great as is too.

STEP FIVE: Eyeshadow

I have been in love with this Lorac Pro pallet since I purchased it over a year ago! I have a similar color section linked above.  I use the shimmer light brown as a base, darker brown for my crease, and the white as a highlight.  It creates the perfect neutral eye look!  The colors are pigmented and blendable.

How I apply it: Variety of Sephora eye brushes


As you can tell, I use this product!!  This is my second time purchasing this product and I’ve hit the pan.  I will be purchasing it again and definitely think it is worth the hype.  It is perfect is you need to give your brows extra definition or fill them in.

How I apply it: Double sided Anastasia brush

STEP SEVEN + EIGHT:  Blush and Mascara

This blush is incredible! I was in love with it during the summer and thought it looked amazing against a summer glow, but I’m still hooked! The three shades are so beautiful.  I use them individually and mix all three.  This MAC mascara is amazing if you love long lashes! I would repurchase this product again in a heartbeat.

How I apply it: Sephora small fluffy brush

STEP NINE: Bronzer or Contour

My holy grail products! I don’t feel complete without adding bronzer to my face.  If I want to keep it simple, I use the TooFaced brozner and apply it around my forehead and jawline.  If I’m wanting to contour, I grab my Anastasia contour kit.  It has a variety of colors to choose from and they are great quality!

How I apply it: NARS brush (I trust Jacqueline Hill enough to buy a $50 brush)

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