What a month.

July was probably my favorite month this summer! See what I was crushing on below.

F A S H I O N + A C C E S S O R I E S

J.crew top -This top is perfect for work! I have worn it for casual Friday with a solid pencil skirt. There are fun prints available to mix with basic tops.

Black Free People Shorts- I got them awhile back but am still obsessed.

Target Tank- It’s gorgeous right? Couldn’t say no to the detail and tribal print.


Untitled design

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation– I like to save my pricier foundations for non-office hours, so this foundation has been my go-to during the work week. I apply it with a beauty blender and it gives my skin a good amount of coverage. Top with bronzer and your favorite summer blush and you are ready to work, work, work ,work, work.

Two Faced Primer– The texture is so smooth and you don’t need much! Definitely my new favorite primer.

 T R A V E L

The beach- Who doesn’t love a weekend at the beach? Having a family condo in HHI makes for a fun summertime! This trip we had dinner at the Salty Dog Cafe! Shrimp, margaritas, shops, and a pretty spectacular view! See my recap on YouTube here!

Charlotte- Every weekend that I haven’t been traveling, my boyfriend and I have explored different areas in Charlotte. It’s always fun seeing what we can find and new places to try. If any of you live nearby, leave recommendations in the comments! 🙂

NYC- If you haven’t checked out my weekend recap on the blog, read about it here. I went for a long weekend to help my big brother and his finance move and was able to meet ah-mazing people who work in the fashion industry. A little work, and a little play! (My arms are still sore)


Lifetime by Landon Austin- it’s adorable.

Gives you Hell by All American Rejects- does anyone else remember this song?


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