I’m feelin’ 22! April means my birthday month. Also known as a month of champagne, shopping, and hard work (finals). It was another amazing month and filled with new favorites!



White Jeans- I purchased white jeans in NYC at Zara. They are slightly distressed and in a skinny style. I raved about them in my outfit I wore at the beach! They are great for this time of year.

Polka Dot Collared Top- Pair this top tucked into a colorful skirt, or paired with black skinnies and you have a fabulous outfit! It’s thin material is perfect for sunny season if you need to put together a more polished look. A similar style to mine is linked here.

Lilly Strapless Top- Every lady needs a lilac top. It’s a gorgeous color that complements every skin tone! I picked up this 100% silk Lilly Pulitzer top pictured above while shopping in Hilton Head. Here is a similar style!




Kylie Jenner Lip Kit- YES! I have Dolce K and Mary Jo K. The product comes with a liner and liquid lipstick. The color lasts all night and they are very pigmented. I would recommend applying ChapStick before to keep your lips from getting too dry.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette– I have wanted this bad boy since it became available at Sephora. It has all of the neutral colors, plus a few neon to add some fun.

Hourglass Blush Palette- This pallet consists of three GORGEOUS colors! I recommend this for summertime because each blush gives your skin an amazing glow. The palette is not sold in with all three anymore but the individual colors include luminous flush, incadescent electra, and mood exposure. All of the colors are beautiful!




Lauren Conrad’s Celebrate Book- Obviously LC could sell a plastic bag and I would be one of the first to purchase it, but let’s face it…she knows what shes talking about! This book shares the ins and outs of party planning. Not only does Celebrate make an adorable coffee table book, but it also shares tips to throw a flawless celebration.

Homemade Chipotle Bowls- It was a cute date night with my man but also a cheap and healthy way to make one of my faves! I used one of my favorite YouTube gals video to create a delicious meal.

Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks drink- Refreshing, semi-healthy, and delicious. The perfect summer drink if you’re wanting to cut down on your coffee intake…if that’s a thing.

My Home- The end of the month I said goodbye to childhood home. I packed up my Barbie Dream House, Judy Bloom books, and “signs” from friends and said goodbye to my home of 22 years. We made amazing memories, but I’m excited to make new ones in the new house!

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