March had to be one of my favorite months of the year! I have gone from California to New York, spent a long weekend in Texas, and have been enjoying one of my last few months as a college student. This month my favorites may focus on travel moments, but I have a few new products and fashion favorites from along the way!



Black sleeveless dress– This simple piece was a life saver for my (basically) month of traveling! I wore this piece in California and recreated my accessories to change my whole look to fit the cold morning and warm afternoon! To see three different ways I styled this piece, click this link.

Windsor Sweater- I know we might be sick of seeing it on my Instagram, but this $5 sweater saved my life in California! A few days were much colder than expected, and without it I would have been desperate. It has a cute tribal pattern and two front pockets. It was a #win. (Similar here)


Tassel necklaces- The trendy tassel necklaces have definitely been a favorite of mine this month! My three favorites are my brassy simple J.crew, gold crystal necklace (similar here), and my white beaded necklace from The Muddy Pearl.


Banana Republic Jacket- If you haven’t seen my NYC outfit featuring this jacket, be sure to check it out! This jacket is adorable and perfect for the transition from college to the real world. 🙂

Michael Kors mini bag- We all know I love mini handbags…nothing has changed! I love the neutral brown and the chain detailing. Thanks, boyfriend!


Mac Haute & Naughty Mascara– If you are the type of person who loves long and thin lashes, you need to give this product a try! I purchased it at a cosmetic outlet store in Charlotte and have been using it everyday since.

ChapStick- College Fashionista teamed up with ChapStick this month for a spring break feature. I was lucky enough to help represent as a style guru and try out different flavors. I’m the type of girl who has a ChapStick in every single bag just in case! It is a necessity-for everyone.

Liquid Beauty Blender Cleanser– I used this before my first trip and was amazed at how well this product works! It’s a must if you have a beauty blender.



Dallas, Texas- I experienced my first rodeo, had a cocktail that came with a Popsicle inside, ate amazing food, and saw incredible views! One of my favorite things about visiting my older brother in Texas is all of the fun places Texas has around. For example, if you haven’t seen my post on my little white dress at a restaurant there, go check it out here! We went to the JFK memorial on our last day which was also another cool experience.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.52.25 AM

California- My boyfriend’s family is currently just outside San Francisco and we spent a week visiting them and traveling around California. I had only been once before, but we stayed in the city. It was so fun to see a different side of California, and drive around finding cool places to explore. We were able to do so much on this trip and had wonderful experiences.


NYC- It was a spontaneous and quick visit in the city, but it never fails to be an amazing time! I got to spend time with my family, shop, and drink wine. I wish that could be a monthly tradition… 🙂


Peets Coffee & Tea- If you have this near you, I am jealous! I always love finding different places than the typical to grab my latte of the day. According to Yelp, this chain was a must and I see why.

My luggage! I was excited to try my new luggage as you read in my February Faves, and I’m happy to say it was a great purchase!


Reaper by Sia- I might not understand every word she sings, but it’s a good jam session.

Washing Dishes by Jack Johnson-Since when has Jack Johnson ever written a bad song though?

Xo, Catie Beth

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