When most people think of Carolina Cup, a few things come to mind…for starters,  sunhats. Monogrammed, solid, it doesn’t matter. Every girl is sporting a floppy hat. Two, bow ties. It’s an unspoken competition between the guys of who can pull together the preppiest, paisley combination.  Three, rain. Yes, just about every year the Carolina Cup experiences rain or the prediction of rain. This year, thanks to Charles River Apparel, I was prepared.

Throw your Jacks and Hunter rain boots in the car and head to Camden for a day of mimosas, horse racing, and everything preppy! This year I wore a white Lilly Pulitzer dress and my hot pink monogrammed Marley Lilly hat. For shoes, I packed my lilac Hunter rain boots and my silver Jack Rogers. To keep me both warm and protected from the potential rain, I brought my black Charles River jacket. I’m glad I brought it because the morning proved to be drizzly and cool. If you want a chance to win this jacket, head over to my Instagram and follow the rules! They come in amazing colors and you can tell they will last a long time.

Xo, Catie Beth




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