In California during my spring break, we took a few hours to explore the Red Woods! My boyfriend was excited to hike and see the famous park. As for me, I was excited to put together an outfit; the fact that it was the Red Woods was a huge bonus. 😉

I teamed up with Charles River Apparel and am sporting their Performance Pullover in today’s adventurous outfit of the day. I keep saying it, but I’ll say it again- the quality is amazing! I paired this cobalt blue pullover with cropped leggings and Nike tennis shoes. The pullover was thin and comfortable making it easy to enjoy a long hike.

Charles River Apparel and I are hosting a giveaway for a chance to win this jacket! If you are interested, visit my Instagram account and follow the rules!

Xo, Catie Beth

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie Elle says:

    I love that you always do these giveaways! This pullover looks super comfy!


  2. Nice Article, Awaiting on Blog for Fall 2017/8 with Fashion Trends. Visit My Site Too:


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