Dallas day two!  When traveling, it is important to pack the basics.  And with it being my spring break, a little white dress was perfect to bring along.  Our second day in Dallas, we spent the afternoon at Truck Yard.  Truck Yard is an outdoor scene with food trucks, a treehouse, and trailer bars. It’s nothing similar to what I’ve seen before! Walking in, I stopped for a look at a boutique on my way in, already loving this place.  Truck Yard has signature drinks and food trucks ranging from pizza to Greek food.  After we got our drinks, the boy’s local beer and mine a mojito; we enjoyed a huge pizza and the sunshine.  After enjoying the scene at Truck Yard, we shopped around and got what are apparently the best popsicles in the world.  Let’s just say I like Dallas.

This gorgeous white razor back dress is from July Moon Boutique. I paired it with my Nordstrom sandals and my turquoise tassel necklace.  Since the dress is white, I have on a slip from H&M.  Again with another traveling tip, I always carry a jacket.  Today, I wore my J.Crew mossy green jacket and kept it around my waist.  

This look was perfect for the beautiful weather and beautiful city!  Packing a sundress gives you the chance to dress up on your holiday and give you skin some sun.

Xo, Catie Beth

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