Black Quilted Jacket, Charles River Apparel

Since it arrived, I’ve pretty much been wearing it every day! It is the perfect weight and provides great coverage for all of the crazy wind we’ve been having.


Mini Bag, Kate Spade

Over the past two months, I have fallen madly in love with mini bags! It used to perplex me that girls would rather carry a small bag instead of a large duffle-size purse. I mean, how could they have everything they need? I need it all, including snacks! But things have changed and I’m now addicted to minis. I still love my large handbags but rocking a small mini makes me so happy. The two I’m currently loving are my Dooney & Bourke and my Kate Spade. The Dooney is perfect for neutral outfits. The classic pattern gives my look a preppy and classy touch and you’d be surprised how many lipsticks fit in there…My Kate Spade is basically my favorite bag I own, so I’ll wear it anywhere with anything! The tricolored trend is great because it adds more dimension to your outfit. It also gives you the option to splash some color into your look.


PomPom Hat

I found the perfect hat at Anthropologie while shopping in Dallas (thanks MOM)! If you don’t have a similar hat, you need one! Whether it’s saving you from a bad hair day or adding to your look, it’s a cute way to amp up your style.



Enza Skincare

I’ve only been using this skincare line- made to match my skin type- for one week. I will have a full review post in a few weeks once I have had more time to use it. But right now, I am a fan! I used to only wash my face at night and apply lotion, sometimes anti-aging cream and call it a day. Taking time in the morning to treat my skin is now something I look forward to!


OPI Nail Polish

If you are out of the loop, TJ Maxx sells OPI nail polish. They also recently happened to have the perfect nail color to strut my stuff on New Year’s Eve! You only need one coat and you’re ready to party!

Too Faced Pallet

Being home for the holidays was great because that meant raiding my Mom’s closet and stealing her make-up pallets. Typically, I like using three colors on my lid, but this pallet is allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and step it up! The colors are all so pigmented and neutral that it’s basically a must have.


Yankee Candle

I picked up two candles from the outlet and have been obsessed with them both! Even though it’s February, I’m still burning Happy Holidays which smells like Christmas! My second new favorite candle is Apple. I actually don’t eat a lot of apples but the smell of this candle is amazing.


Keeping Going, The Revivalists

Because who doesn’t love a good pump up song? My brother has good taste in music and showed me this song so shout out to him.

History, One Direction

Because who doesn’t love boy bands?

Show Me What I’m Looking For, Carolina Liar

Because who doesn’t love good throwbacks?


Xo, Catie Beth

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