CIAO 2015

Not only is it time to celebrate a new year, it’s also time to celebrate my first full year of blogging! I can’t believe I have been on this adventure for a year sharing fashion inspiration and my makeup obsessions.

Thank you for the support and love!

To wrap up this fabulous year, I’ve complied some of the most popular pictures from my Instagram account. These pictures share snapshots from my hometown, traveling to Ireland over the summer, having a latte in London, studying for final exams, traveling to Texas, to rocking a romper in New York City.

What 2016 holds fashion and beauty wise? Mastering contouring AND highlighting, and finding my business look! Graduating college in May, prepare yourself to see the preppy business side of me. I’m also excited to continue to share my twist on the trends to come. And, oh, if you haven’t noticed, I’m official I think it has a nice ring to it 🙂

Best wishes for the year ahead! Xo, Catie Beth


3 thoughts on “CIAO 2015

  1. I love your blog name. I was thinking about the same name when I started my blog lol… I decided to go with Katie Elle because my last name starts with an L.

    xo Katie Elle

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