It should come as no surprise that oversized sweaters are in style – and for good reason. Wearing fun oversized sweaters is a winter essential and a great way to keep warm during the colder months. I recently received this striped sweater from Her Boutique. I’m a stripe lover and always gravitate toward that look, but I haven’t seen one like this! It is a knit material in a cream/white shade with dark navy threads running vertically down the sweater. I love how it is shorter in the front, but a bit longer in the back, making it appear less baggy than if it were the same length all around.

To spice up this look, I add a statement watch! Rolling up the sleeves can add a bit of detail to the outfit and allow you to show off whatever accessories you love at the moment. I went for an oversized rose gold watch, but you could add a pop of color or stick to your favorite everyday bracelets. I would recommend keeping the bracelets simple since the sweater is what the look is focused around.

Instead of sticking with my everyday curls, adding a braid played off of the texture of the sweater. Fishtail braids are not only totally Blake Lively, but styling your hair in a pretty braid is an easy way to mix up your normal look and add something sassy to your outfit.

To top off my look, I’m wearing L.L.Bean boots. I think the bean boot style plays off of the knit oversized sweater well creating a preppy vibe. This look is great for colder months when you want to stay comfortable but also be well dressed for the chill.

Sweater: Her Boutique // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: L.L.Bean

Xo, Catie Beth

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