Don’t worry if you’ve waited until the last minute to decide what to wear for Thanksgiving! (Although- if you’re like me, you’re using the holiday as an excuse to buy yourself a new outfit.)

I have put together three outfits to help inspire you for this holiday filled with turkey, pie, and sleep (and maybe Black Friday shopping?) I hope that each of you has the best Thanksgiving! Don’t feel guilty about getting that extra scoop of mashed potatoes, I know I won’t!

Look One: Add a dash of sparkle

Wearing a patterned tunic paired with a statement necklace and booties allow you to share your style, while staying comfortable! My necklace is from and to get a month of goodies for free use the code ‘xocatiebethxoxo’ (Couldn’t not share!)


Look Two: Fall festive

This outfit features a dynamic duo, flannel and a vest, both of which are from J.crew! This outfit  is both warm and comfortable. If you plan on doing more than just the eating, wearing comfortable shoes is important! These Toms are so comfortable and look great with casual outfits!IMG_3898IMG_3908IMG_3913IMG_3937

Outfit Three: Pass the accessories

To all of my fellow fashionistas who love their accessories, today is the perfect time to wear a stylish hat! While you’re out lounging or running last minute errands to the grocery store, pairing a hat with your look can help accessorize your outfit. If you’re not much of a hat girl, find a different statement piece that defines your outfit like a jacket!IMG_3944IMG_3949IMG_3968


Xo, Catie Beth

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