top knot [top-knot] noun;

The ultimate hair style to fill a woman’s needs. Perfect for class, shopping, or any day you need a simple way to hide the fact that you did not run a brush through your hair. Throw on some expensive perfume and no one will notice you didn’t.

Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been there. Make your top knot appropriate for more than just a t-shirt and jeans. Dress it up! In today’s look, thanks to the weather, I knew that the top knot would be the way to go because of the rain. I am the kind of girl who will curl her hair daily, but every now and then, it’s good to give your hair a break from the heat! And wearing an up-do is the perfect time to show off your fave statement earrings.

Today I had the pleasure of spending more than enough money at Target, and attending the new James Bond movie with my boyfriend- I’m a keeper. This look kept me comfortable and still fashion forward. To counteract the messy hair, I wore a gorgeous Dior lipstick and one of my favorite perfumes by Marc Jacobs, who is also one of my favorites.  I was worried about wearing a crop top since I don’t own high-waisted pants, but H&M always makes my life easy! Thanks to my J.crew jacket and black leggings, the slight amount of skin was just enough. I added pearls to complete my look.











Top: H&M // Jacket: J.crew // Pants: TJ. Maxx // Shoes: Lucky // Perfume: Marc Jacobs // Lips: Dior 

Xo, Catie Beth

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