When it comes to “back to school” there are two kinds of people.  The kind who are totally prepared and have everything they need in order to survive the crazy college world and the kind who don’t.  Being a senior in college, you could say I’m pretty much over the whole “back to school” scene and ready to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. But, in order to be as organized as possible at all times, I have created a list of five simple things that are a must for my everyday bag!  After creating a mini bag for my bag, I have never had to fret about asking people around me for essentials while sitting through a lecture.  FullSizeRender

1. Chap stick and Lotion

Staying moisturized is a must.  If you’re like me, loosing Chap stick is as easy as loosing socks while doing laundry-inevitable.  Having these two lifesavers in my bag at all times makes it easy to never have to worry about sitting through a three-hour lecture with dry skin or lips!

2. A granola bar and water

Yes, I am that petite lady on campus with a bag bigger than me, but if you look inside it’s really my pantry.  Honestly, though, I’m a snacker.  Having a granola bar in my purse has saved me many times while at work or on a break between classes.  Water is a given, too! Keeping water handy is not only good for your body but also if you have to talk in class or on the phone at work.

3. Perfume

Years ago I snagged this tip from the fabulous sarahbelle93x.  Keeping a travel perfume in your pencil case is perfection.  It has been one of those things that you don’t realize how great it is until you do it.  I know it sounds silly but if you’re stuck on campus all day with a 10-minute drive to your apartment, having that spritz of goodness close by can make all the difference and help you feel fresh and fabulous.  Right now I have the Chloe and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell in my bag.

4. Black pen and pencil

Yeah, I’m 21 years old and I still carry a pencil case to class (I actually am obsessed). Having a loose pen and pencil has come in handy many times! Whether you’re at an organization meeting and don’t have your school supplies in your bag, or you meet the man of your dreams at the bookstore who wants your number, whip out your pen or pencil and send a thank you my way.

5. Planner

We may not all agree on our feelings about Kanye West, but I know for a fact that us ladies can all relate to the unconditional love we have for our planners.  Carrying it everywhere has become a way of life. It keeps you stay organized and you never have to worry about overbooking!

Don’t forget to comment leaving me your 5 Bag Must Haves! Hope everyone has had a great start to the new school year! Xo, Catie Beth

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    1. I usually get the Lilly Pulitzer one so I haven’t used this one before! I’m right handed so the only thing I don’t like is trying to write on the left side of the planner and the coiling gets in the way. Thanks for sharing the tip, may switch it up!

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