LOOKBOOK: Back to School

READY OR NOT- Back to school is on its way or for some has already begun! In just one short week, I will begin my senior year of college.  Like you always hear, time sure does fly by.  In today’s post, I thought I would share three different back to school looks ranging from dressy lady to casual cute to lazy girl! I definitely see a mix of these three looks on campus. Be sure to leave a comment & let me know what look you can most relate to! Hope everyone kicks butt this school year 🙂

LOOK ONE- Dressy

Heading straight from class to a meeting or internship?  This look is probably what you’ll be rocking this school year.  If wearing wedges on campus makes you feel too uncomfortable, you can always do (what I call the New York thing) and wear more comfortable shoes to class, and leave your wedges in your bag!  This look is more for a class presentation, or if you’re planning to head somewhere important straight after class.

IMG_1974 IMG_2003

IMG_2005 IMG_2008 IMG_2046

Makeup tip: Carry your favorite shine control powder in your bag! I am currently using Neutrogena’s and am loving the results!  It is perfect to pop on right before your presentation or event!

Dress: Brandy Melville // Necklace: J.crew // Shoes: Steve Madden // Bag: Long Champ

LOOK TWO- Casual

If you’re like me, you typically don’t like wearing t-shirts to class on the daily.  Sometimes wearing a more put together outfit can help you focus and feel on top of your game!  It is also convenient if you’re besties want to grab mexican after a long day of class , because you’re all ready to go! 😉

IMG_2086 IMG_2095

IMG_2137 IMG_2156


Makeup Tip: Carrying powder has become a must for me! The summer heat causes my t-zone to not look as fresh.  Having my Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder comes in handy.  Even though this product was sent to me through College Fashionista + Neutrogena, I have purchased this before and loved the results!

Top: Dress Up Boutique // Shorts: American Eagle // Necklace: Nordstrom // Shoes: Jack Rogers // Bag: Scout


I have to say, this look is seen wildly through the college campus- especially on Monday’s.  This look is for those of you who don’t prefer dressing up for class and being as comfortable as possible! Sitting through boring classes can be a little easier if you can cuddle up in your sweatshirt and feel more comfortable.  Thanks to my older brother who just graduated from USC, he passed down a few of his fraternity shirts to me over the years.  Throwing one on with some aviators is defiantly my go-to lazy day look!

IMG_2185 IMG_2231

 IMG_2224 IMG_2217 IMG_2210

Makeup Tip- Leaving from your aerobic walking or weightlifting class, yes I’ve taken both, carrying a mini spray perfume is the perfect way to freshen up and feel better thank you look!

Top: Tank // Shorts: Nike // Shoes: Nike // Book bag: The North Face // Sunglasses: RayBan

What are you looking forward to for back to school?! I hope my body is prepared for the amount of coffee that it is about to start consuming again… Until next time fashion lovers! Xo, Catie Beth

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