July.  The month that celebrates Independence Day, long days spent on the lake, and the true rhythm of summertime. As you probably know, the first week or so of July I was actually in Ireland and London.  My first day in Ireland was actually on the 4th of July! My boyfriend’s mom put together a barbecue for dinner that night, and I obviously wore patriotic colors. I have loved a lot of things this month, a few based on my travel experiences or things I purchased while I was away, but I also continue to love products that I keep going back to!

Clothing + AccessoriesIMG_7778

Bird and Stone Bracelet– I’m usually just a bangle kind of girl, but I think this bracelet is gorgeous!  They are defiantly trendy right now, especially layered! Preppy or not, its a cool and different go-to jewelry piece! I got the XS because I have child size wrists, but I would definitely recommend getting the small!

Kate Spade Cross Body Bag-  Pictured to the right, this pretty thing has been my go-to this month!

Folkster Top–  I’ve mentioned this shop in my blog before, but seriously, I love it.  On my first trip to Ireland, I fell in love with the store and treated myself to a more expensive top and decided that anytime I have the chance to go back, I’d make a purchase. What I love is that the tags on the clothing share where they item is from.  Both of my tops ended up being by the same brand and both from London!  The great thing is, you can shop online! Shipping is around $13,IMG_7967 but if you have a special occasion and want a killer outfit that no one else has, welcome to my little secret.

Dainty Bar Earrings– Sadly I thought I lost one of my earrings and survived a month without it…the world worked in my favor and brought it back to me! Okay, I’m being dramatic and to be honest the earrings were probably less than $20, but I have wanted them for years and finally got them! Anyways, they are back and at the top of my faves 😉 I purchased them in Brooklyn, but will have a similar style linked.  (They remind me of Lauren Conrad, so obviously they are a must have.)


Model Co Superlash Mascara + Liquid Eyeliner– I know you’re all thinking this looks familiar, and yes, it was featured on my June favorites. But you seriously don’t understand how much I love this product! I typically wasn’t the kind of girl who wore winged eyeliner every day, but now it’s pretty much my go-to and this product makes it easy for those of us who make our wings look more like cousins than twins.  Five stars from me!

NAKED Basics-  For everyday internship makeup, I love pairing this eyeshadow pallet with my Model Co mascara!  I do like to add a little gold shimmer from another eyeshadow palette, but I am loving the basics all in one!

Sally Hansen Gel Polish- If you keep up with my Instagram, you know I recently purchased this product. Although it has only been on my nails for two days, I am satisfied with the color and consistency! I will keep you all up to date on my thoughts and whether or not I think the product is worth it. **Tip- I purchased the Smartease and on my toes used Essie Muchi, Muchi it ended up being the perfect match!

VS Perfect Body Ultimate Hand Treatement- Over the past few months, I have been making sure that I keep my hand moisturized! This product seems to do the job well, and has a clean and fresh spa like scent.  As a bonus, its the perfect size to throw in your bag.


London & Ireland-  Don’t really need an explanation here, but I had the best ten days and was grateful to have the cutest tour guide around!  I love experiencing new things and traveling and it was cool to be able to do that with my best friend/boyfriend. (Shout out to his family for letting me stay and feeding me delicious food & him and my fam for the financial help, y’all are amazing.)IMG_8103

Kate Spade Planner/Being Organized- This is always my favorite, but I didn’t think it would be as big of a deal during the summer. (Silly me, I’m living the adult life now…) But I upgraded my planner from the famous Lilly Pulitzer to the Kate Spade black and white striped planner! I thought to myself while pulling out a bright planner with a Vineyard Vines sticker on it at my 9-5 internship that it may be time to upgrade to a more professional looking planner. (No shame if you haven’t made the change yet.  The Kate Spade planner does have polkadots so it’s not like it took much convincing.)

The Beach- This month a few of my best friends and I went to the beach for the weekend! A weekend full of seafood, margaritas, and tanning…life is pretty good.  If you plan on visiting Hilton Head, or live nearby, please do yourself a favor and go eat at The Boat House.  The view and the food are incredible.


Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd- I am totally a mom when it comes to the “hottest new song” and saw people quoting this for weeks before I finally heard it.  I must say its my jam.

Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson- Like, this song is everything and has been since 2004.

Amber by 311- Summer in a song.

Well ladies and gents, it’s been real.  Let me know what your favorite songs have been this month in the comments and what your favorite thing was that you did!  Time to say hello to August…big things are ahead! I’m traveling to NYC for my oldest brother’s white coat ceremony at Columbia University (I’ll tell Nate Archibald hello for you), and I’ll be starting my last first day of college *holds back tears* Anyways, hope everyone has enjoyed the crazy month of July! Xo, Catie Beth

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5 thoughts on “JULY FAVES

  1. Hi!! I’ve been loving your Instagrams & I decided to check out your blog. I loved this post!! I noticed that you mentioned Hilton Head and this caught my eye right away! My family and I always vacation in Hilton Head and we were just there this past May! We ate at The Boat House, and you couldn’t be more right–the food & view are both amazing! I’ll be sure to keep reading your blog!
    Xo, Lauren

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw this made my day! Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m glad you like it! Yes HHI and the boat house, amazing. I should be going back soon enough! 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well! Xoxo


  2. Absolutely love love love your blog and Instagram! I saw that you were going to New York! If you have time you absolutely have to go to Eataly, The Bakeshop, & The Dutch, absolutely love the food oh and the super cute instas! Cant wait to read more! Love, Saba


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