Even though the month of April is my birth month, I’m not too sad to be saying goodbye because, that means S U M M E R! I may not be ready to say goodbye to my junior year of college, but I am ready to say arrivederci to exams and welcome my new roommate! I had such a great month and turned the big 21! Being my birth month, I got lots of new clothes, and a present of a Birchbox subscription. I can’t wait to try out these new products, style the clothes that I got and share them with you.  For now, lets get into my April favorites!


Whitney Eve Top I totally flipped out when I saw that Whitney Eve was sold at Nordstrom! After wanting something from her brand since it came out I finally got my first top! It is adorable and I can’t wait to wear it! Unfortunately I didn’t see the shorts to pair with it which would have been ideal, but I think the top gives you a lot to work with. DSC_0825

Diamond Necklace- I finally found the perfect dainty necklace thanks to Banana Republic! I got it in NYC and love pairing it with the necklace my boyfriend got me from Kate Spade that says “Taken”. (So cute, I know.)

Black Maxi Skirt-  Pretty much a staple to have, but I love styling it. I always tend to pair more of my boho or corp top items with my black maxi, but it is such a carefree and cute look.

B & W Romper-  I love rompers, but personally I don’t think that they look too flattering on me.  During a sale at Dress Up Boutique, I purchased a black and white romper with a cut out in the image1-5center.  I was saving it for the perfect occasion and obviously, that happened to be in NYC!  Though I had to get it altered, I love how different and trendy chic it is. And when have I ever turned down stripes? *heart eyes*

Cut-out Black Top- It may be a pain to get on…but I love the detailing of this top! Its great when you want to look cute, but don’t have time to accessorize.  Thanks H&M 🙂 image1-6

Crop Jacket- This jacket is so adorable.  It is perfect to throw over a cute tank for a date night or night out with the girls! I love the mix of materials and the color. Can’t wait to wear it more before it gets too hot in SC!


The beauty blender– So late, but I am loving it! It looks amazing and feels less cakey.

Chloe perfume– FINALLY treated myself to this amazing scent! I just got the roller bottle, but it is perfect to throw in my bag to have on the go. s1588599-main-hero-300

Anastasia Contour Kit– I’ve been playing around with this for awhile, but I think that it is so great, especially for beginners like myself!  It comes with three highlights and three contour shades and I like experimenting and mixing the colors to see what I like best.

Dior Red Lip Gloss– Oh my gosh.  Talk about the perfect pop of color! I wore this color out and loved how it looked.  It has a red/coral tint and lasted literally all night.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade–  Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about this product at first but now I won’t leave the house without it. It is perfect if you’re looking for something to fill your brows and darken them just a bit.


Budapest by George Ezra- My idea of a feel good hipster song.

Say You Do by Dierks Bently- Fun fact: I gave him my number when I was like 13.

Don’t It by Billy Currington- If it isn’t on your summer playlist, you’re living life wrong.


Chicken Ceaser Salad- Either I’ve been watching too much of Shani Grimmond’s make up videos (she always talks about it) or it has been too long, but welcome back into my life.  Recently, I have been picking up the premade MGXT2one from the grocery store and it only costs $3!

Sushi- Instead of my constant craving for Mexican food, this month I only wanted sushi. Shout out to my local take out place for always making the best Philadelphia and cucumber rolls.

Coral iPhone Case- Totally copied my Mom and got the same case that she has, but really it is a beautiful color and I am obsessed with it.

Watching vlogs- Maybe it was an easy way to escape from the stress of exam week, but I noticed myself always going towards the vlogs apposed to the fashion related videos this month!

S’mores Frappuccino-  I’m obsessed with s’mores in general and I’ve only had a sample, but holy cow that thing is amazing. Has anyone tried it yet??

NYC- The city always has a place in my heart, I had such an incredible time spending my 21st birthday there, with my favorite people.  Shopping, drinking, good weather, and good company…I’m a lucky girl.

Having my boyfriend in the states- My Irish man will be heading back home for the summer meaning I have less than two weeks left with him! Back to a summer of Skyping and counting ahead five hours!

That wraps up my favorites for the month! Like I said I have so many new products and new favorite clothes, I couldn’t put them all in or you would all fall asleep at your chair.  But stay tuned, especially if you’re on the hunt for a new favorite product! Xo, Catie Beth Instagram: xocatiebeth Tumblr: xocatiebeth Business Inquires: catiebethb@yahoo.com

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