Welcome back! This past weekend, as part of my 21st birthday celebration, I traveled with my mother to New York City! I have had the blessing of traveling to the city that never sleeps for years, and never get tired of it! This trip was all about spending time with my family and celebrating! Want to see what items I picked up on this trip? Stay tuned!

Xo Sweater, Banana Republic

Bag, LongChamp

 Diamond Necklace, Banana Republic

  Tanks, Zara (Grey and White)


Little Black Dress, Anthroplogie

Kimono, H&M

Blue Crop Top, H&M

Jacket & Blazer, H&M

Black Cut Out Top, H&M

Black & White Top, H&M

Black top, Zara

Gold Bangles, J.crew

Make-up, Sephora

Earrings + Ring, Boutique in Brooklyn *Not Pictured*

I always have such an amazing time in the city, which feels like my second home! This trip wouldn’t have been as perfect with out Chip & Michael who planned a champagne + balloon surprise (and gave me enough makeup to last a lifetime *not pictured*), Chad & MKK (for making me laugh and being my Dan and Serena at the Empire Hotel), and my Mom (who made it all happen)! Until next time NYC, you never disappoint!

Xo, Catie Beth

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